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Are you wondering about the specifics of our restoration services in Monticello, MN? Before you contact us at Restoration Plus, you can take a look at some of our FAQs:

How do I know when my leather needs to be recolored?

When obvious color loss is present with some relatively minor surface wear. If more serious damages are present, additional and more complicated repairs may be required. Each situation is unique and should be professionally evaluated either through an onsite inspection by a technician or with photos illustrating the condition of the leather well.

How long will the new finish or repair last?

A professionally applied color, with or without additional repairs, can last many years with good care and maintenance of your furniture. Most reputable technicians will guarantee their work for a period of time - again, depending on the extent of the original damages and wear.

How often should I clean and condition my leather?

For finished leather, a minimum of twice per year is recommended for conditioning your leather, but might be more often if you live in a much drier climate or your leather is regularly exposed to heat or direct sunlight. For other types of leather, such as aniline, semi-aniline or wax pull-up dyed leathers, it is recommended to seek a professional. Cleaning should be done as needed using a damp (not wet) microfiber cloth, then immediately dried to prevent water from sitting on the leather for an extended period of time.

Will you be replacing the leather?

Replacing leather or other upholstery is not always necessary. Check with us to see what your options are.

Do you offer a warranty with your service?

Our guarantee of workmanship is 6 months under normal usage. Any extensions or exceptions will be discussed prior to beginning work.

Will I see the repair?

We do our absolute best to get a restoration-level repair. More severe damages has the possibility that a repair remains visible. A technician will discuss what your expectations should be before beginning work. We strive for a minimum of 95% restoration.

What kind of things can you repair?

Wood, leather, cloth, vinyl furniture, as well as other items. We have repaired leather jackets, motorcycle chaps, leather handbags, gun holsters, boat seats and more. Check with us about your needs, and we'll do our best to serve you or find someone who can.

How long will it take to restore my furniture?

We are always very busy with both in-shop work and in-home on-site work. We try to get things done as soon as we can, but some jobs might take more than a month to book, and more time to finish.

Can loose or broken chairs be repaired as strong as new?

In most cases, yes! If not, we'd clearly advise you on how to proceed before beginning the work. Each piece is unique, as are their circumstances.

Can you repair broken or missing pieces?

In most cases, yes.

Will my furniture be too shiny after I have it refinished?

Changes to finish and/or texture may happen, and this would be discussed with you before work begins

Contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.